Monday, April 26, 2010

Elson Feelmymind: My octopus for Emilie Simon

Elson Feelmymind posted his Octopus on my blog. Thanks Elson, I love it ;)


  1. My favorite drawing: real delicacy, I envy your fineness graphic Elson :)

    Another little drawing appeal to Emilie's experimental session :)

  2. what is deal with all this octopus praise? is it ur favorite animal?

    octopus being attacked by leatherjacket
    C'est impressionannt!

  4. Hi Emilie! I from Chile.
    I really love your music, your melodies, and the strange and fascinating sounds that you create. And Well, I made a drawing inspired by all those things and I want to bring with him to the gallery of the octopus pictures. I hope you like it!

    (Sorry, I did not know well where to post this, I do not use facebook or twitter and I could not find in this blog how to write in any other way, so I would rather do it here)

    Best wishes...

    Andres Cortes


    Dumbo octopus is in this video. But watch the next creature they film, totally insane!!