Saturday, July 10, 2010

Music for your weekend :)

Merci Delphine :)


  1. Hey Emilie! Those videos are amazing, I wish I could watch more videos like these!

    I have something I'd like to share with you. This is not a picture but I think you can picture it!


    You are my little genius thing
    Even if you’re deadly to me
    Your stuck arms love to tackle me
    Yet your life seems so short for me

    Whereas you possess three chances
    Into you bluish machinery
    You are worried of my dances
    Your camouflage on my scenery

    I appreciate your sense of touch
    Yet you ignore my voice’s tone
    I appreciate the way you gush
    You are living like a cyclone

    Your moods seems too subtle to me
    However I can see them change
    I know your colorful fury
    Queer silhouette on the revenge

    You drive people into madness
    You are my beloved private-ink
    My tiny animatronics
    Forever engraved on my link

    I wrote those lyrics three months ago or so, I felt in love with the illustrations of your blog and I wanted to write something about an octopus. I also composed an entire music with the lyrics, I'll post it soon. I put all my creations in my blog.

    I hope you like that, have a nice day!

  2. Quelle superbe idée de partage! Ca me rappel ces chouettes vidéos de "playing for change" voir le site éponyme, ça te plaira sûrement!

  3. Hi, Emilie

    I am not sure you can see this timely but I hope to interview you via email. I am editor from a Chinese magazine called , We hope to introduce you to our reader about your music and style so just few questions. Well if you can see this message plz reply me ( we can talk more about our issue, anyway, Merci and all wish best!

  4. sorry our magazine name is Little Thing ,here is our website:

  5. I don't know if you saw this or read about it or whatever... Paul the Psychic Octopus.

    If I were you, I'd find out how to make him your pet (he may be smart enough to write songs with you or maybe even be your new engineer!)

    Angry Germans shout about making him into a salad--he's that powerful!

  6. Très joli cette œuvre musicale collective :)

    Octopus by Chico Jofilsan


    Bises Émilie, très émouvant ton concert à Mtp.

  7. coucou émilie!
    je ne sais pas si tu passeras bientôt sur ton blog mais moi j'apprécie énormément ton travail!
    Je suis actuellement en train de monter une petite collection de vieilles cartes postales (année 1900 1920). J'en sélectionne mes préférés trouvées dans tout les recoins de Paris...elles sont parfois magnifiques et bourrées d'histoires. Peut être qu'elles pourront t'inspirer qui sait! voici un petit aperçu en micro montage sur un fond de bloc party. enjoy it!

    mon mail:

    ou voici le style que j'adore!
    celle-ci tu vas surement aimer!