Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Erika Yamashiro

Erika Yamashiro is a great Japanese artist and also a dear friend of mine. She is part of an exhibition happening in Tokyo on thursday June 10th, Check it out if you're around:

You will see on her website "Sweet song", the beautiful painting Erika did a few years ago inspired by my first album :)

It was great to see you again in Tokyo Erika!


  1. WOW!! Great paintings!! Beautiful!
    Emilie: thank you very much for your amazing and wonderful music, and for share Erika´s work
    Good luck and best regards from Argentine!

  2. So Poetic! Quel joli univers onirique.
    Il s'agit de la jeune femme qui apparait dans le DVD de l'Olympia (Japanese memory) n'est ce pas? :)

  3. Emily,
    I've been trying to contact you for an interview.
    How could I reach you?
    If you're interested, please send an email to:


  4. Hello :)
    First I'd like to say that I'm a HUGE of your work, and your music and specially of your voice!
    I'm from Brazil, and I really hope to see you live someday.

    Second, I came here to tell you that I made a post about you and my love for your songs on my own blog. I'm pretty sure you won't understand, 'cause it's in portuguese. But that's all you need to know: it's about this love :)

    Well, I really hope you check it.

    Keep on the great work, always!

    kisses from Karolz, Brazil.

  5. By Somefield

    By Chris Gall


  6. I wish I could take hipsta photos of you as well, alobg with an it for babes in boykand while you're in montpellier on saturday....can't get any feedback from corrida or fmprod.....get back to me if you want.
    stephy from your teenage years

    babes @ babesinboyland.info